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Custom Labs
Cares can also setup custom labs for specific projects like Solar Pumps, Solar Aerator, Solar Refrigerator or any other custom requirements the institute demands. 

Offer Placement
Cares offer placement to qualified students in partner institutions for open positions in Cares and its Partners. Students who excel in Maverick internship program will get a pre-placement offer to be part of Cares or its CCDI Partners.

Mentoring Sessions
Mentoring sessions will be offered every quarter for a select group of students in each institution who have an inclination to Cleantech sector.

Thought Leadership Sessions
Thought leadership sessions on upcoming Cleantech sectors, their potential and opportunities shall be conducted on a mutually agreed frequency based on convenience of Cares leadership team as well as the partner institution.

Mentoring Project Groups
Cares shall mentor project groups with innovative ideas in Cleantechnology to shape their projects to feasible product concepts, which can later be developed into commercially viable products. The key objective mentoring is to ensure that engineering projects stay relevant to reality of market conditions and ensure that bright students get technical assistance to shape good ideas.

Float Live Projects
Cares shall float ‘Live Projects’ for students in the partner college. Live Projects will give an opportunity for interested students to work on a defined scope for a project of Cares Renewables for a defined duration of 2 weeks to 6 weeks. The objective is to provide industry exposure to students.

Offer Internships
Cares offer internship programs to students through its ‘Mavericks Internship Program’. The program will be for duration of 3 months. Eligible students will be recruited for the program from partner colleges every year based on their know how and Care's and its CCDI Partners requirement.

Valued Added Services

Cares also offer other Value Added Services to Partner institutions who set up research labs as a part of CCDI. 


Cares team collaborates with select Institutions and its partner companies globally to drive innovation in Cleantech sector. Establishing labs in Cleantech Center of Excellences  in select institutions with prototypes of equipment in different Cleantech sectors is important to inspire innovation in respective sectors. The labs can be broadly classified into following groups:

Cares Cleantech Development Initiative (CCDI) is jointly developed and managed by the R&D and Training division of Cares to expedite growth of Cleantech sector. Institutes can partner with Cares Cleantech Development Initiative, by establishing Centre of Excellence in Cleantechnology for Solar or other related Cleantech Sector. The key activities under the initiative are:

Solar PV Research Labs
Based on the budget of the institution Cares can set up Solar PV Labs at a cost starting from 8 lacs. The lab shall include Solar PV Modules, Inverters, BOS components and necessary equipment for installation, testing and cloud based monitoring of the system.

Solar Thermal Research Labs
Based on budget of the institution Cares can set up Solar Thermal Labs at a cost starting from 4 lacs. The lab shall include ETC Water Heating System, ETC Air Blower Systems, installation and testing equipment.


Cares undertake the following activities in partner institutes to groom students with inclination towards Cleantech sector:


Cares have designed certification and training programs to nurture the required competence in students  to bridge the skill gap and drive growth of Cleantech Industry. A team of experts designs the programs after analyzing the skill set required for each Cleantech sector and students understanding of that sector.


Cares Cleantech Development Initiative [CCDI]