Experience Solar Today

Flare Independence Series of off grid Solar PV Solutions are designed to supply a lifetime of reliable power for your home at Zero Carbon Emission. Flare systems unique design and its high quality components will give you a unique solar experience, which nobody else in the Industry can match. 


In a market dominated by subsidy, and driven by cost, Cares Renewables intend to create their own space by focusing on high quality imported components to assure long-term performance of the Solar PV system. We integrate best solar modules, inverters and balance of system components in the world to deliver a solution, whose performance and quality is unheard of in the Indian market.


A1kWp SaveGen I Series System can avoid an emission of 40 tons of CO2 equivalent in India. The same is equivalent to CO2 absorbed by planting 40 trees and
nurturing them to their full lifetime. Embrace a green life style with Flare I-Series of off grid solar systems.