Solar pump

Cares understand the challenges involved in effective operation of a solar pump under Indian Conditions. The Flare P series of Pumps have been developed after more than two years of research and one year of testing under field conditions. The pump is designed for durability and can with stand the harsh conditions in farmlands. Best components available in the world are used for design and integration of the Flare Solar Pump.

SaveGen eXperience (X) Series of grid connected Solar PV System is designed to outperform a conventional Solar PV System both in power production and reliability. The solution’s performance under Indian conditions has been tested in our lab in Bangalore. Our R&D team is constantly working to customize global solutions for to Indian market and, simultaneously bring down the cost to make quality solar solutions more affordable.

Savegen I series

Savegen x series

SaveGen Independence Series of off grid Solar PV Solutions are designed to supply a lifetime of reliable power for your home at Zero Carbon Emission. Flare systems unique design and its high quality components will give you a unique solar experience, which nobody else in the Industry can match.