Product Development Pipeline 


We are currently in the process of developing products for the Indian Market. We are jointly developing a Solar Aerator for Water Treatment along with Spaar Environmental Technologies Pvt. Ltd and is currently designing a cost effective home automation system for Indian customers.

The R&D unit of Cares closely works with Cleantech Development Initiative Team for expediting innovation in Cleantech sector.

Solar Power for Farmers: A high quality Solar Pump designed for durability and can with stand the harsh conditions. Best components available in the world are used for design of the product.

Success Story

Solar Power for Households: Cares has worked with Partner companies to design and develop a  high quality solar kit with battery back for households. The power conditioning unit is designed to help households utilize solar energy to maximum extent as compared to a conventional Solar PV System. 

Cares with its craving for innovation has created conductive work environment to incubate a better tomorrow. Our research team is distributed across industry, academia and management to cover most Industries in the Cleantech Spectrum.  

Our Research methodology revolves around the following ideals