Cares understand the challenges involved in effective operation of a solar pump under Indian Conditions. The Flare P series of Pumps have been developed after more than two years of research and one year of testing under field conditions. The pump is designed for durability and can with stand the harsh conditions in farmlands. Best components available in the world are used for integration of the Flare Solar Pump.

The Solar Pump comes with a Single Axis tracking system. i.e the Solar panels are oriented towards the sun throughout the day. Due to this, the system generates uninterrupted power for the pumps from dawn to dusk and hence drawing more water compared to a traditional fixed Solar system.

The power generated from the system is directly supplied to the pumps. Batteries are not required for this system and due to which, there is no recurring cost of batteries every 5-6 years.

The volume of water from the pump is directly proportional to square of the power generated by the Solar PV system. Our system is designed so as the ensure that the pump output remains more or less the same even in the 25th year of operation.