Cares as a part of its Cleantech Development Initiative intend to establish next generation Solar PV Labs in select institutions across India so as to advance research, innovation and awareness in Solar PV technology. In addition to establishing Solar PV lab and providing onetime standard training on research areas, Cares will also provide ongoing training and guidance as a service  to partner institutions to ensure that lab is fully utilised. 

​Cares PV Research Lab is equipped with cloud based monitoring and internet of things technology which enables easy data collection, visualisation and analysis expediting research,innovation and paper publishing in the Institution. The research lab along with proposed ongoing value added services is expected to improve the AICTE-Industry linked institute Score of partner institute by 15% to 30% over a period of time. The lab is designed in modules as summarised below and there are 250+ use cases/experiments which students can explore leveraging the same. 

The lab is designed in an optimised manner in order to reduce the cost and effort of research by more than 70% as compared to doing same set of experiments using other apparatus. The lab features latest advancements in solar technology  and shall leverage internet of things and cloud technologies for collection of data for research purpose. 

The system is designed in such a way that researchers can focus on design and engineering as measurement is automated and it is easy to download and analyse data.

Cares is a National Institute of Solar Energy certified partner for solar training under MNRE and have trained more than 2500+ professionals in PV sector. We have also established a prototype of the Lab in PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. 

Please find below a summary of different modules of Lab and number of research experiments/use cases which research fellows can explore using the same:

  • Module 1: Distributed MPPT System with different Panel Technologies  - 100+  use cases 
  • Module 2: Off Grid System/Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) with cloud based monitoring  - 20+ use cases
  • Module 3: Hybrid System with advanced cloud based monitoring - 100+ use cases 
  • Module 4: Grid Tied Systems with Single MPPT - 15+ use cases 
  • Module 5: Grid Tied Systems with Single MPPT​ - 5+ use cases