Clean Technology Entry Level Training Programs
One day training programs in the areas of Solar, Energy Efficiency and Water Treatment aimed at creating awareness and providing basic technical training.

Cares Clean Technology Practitioner Certification Programs

 Two day Hands On Training Programs in the areas of Off Grid Solar PV, On Grid Solar PV and Solar Thermal.

Our certification program is aimed at empowering the engineers with the right skills in order to help the Cleantech Industry improve the standards of design, installation and after Sales Support. The Certification is a three-step process:

Need for Training

From our experience in interacting with different stakeholders in the Cleantech sector, we have realized that there is huge gap in understanding of the various Cleantech solutions and the benefits of the same, among the different stakeholders. The key issues faced by the Industry as we see it today are as below: 

1. Skill Gap: we are struggling to find qualified engineers with interest in R&D or for installation of Solar System or other Cleantech solutions like geothermal cooling 

2. Fraudulent Players in the Market: we have come across failure of solar systems installed by dishonest players with little knowledge of the solar system. The decision makers in the organizations are not aware of the key performance indicators of Cleantech Industry

3. Education: Cares have been invited to sessions with students in many colleges. During the sessions we have realized that students have little knowledge of the Cleantech sector. The current syllabus of engineering curriculum does not give emphasis to Cleantech Industries.

Cares Training Programs

Cares had conducted seminars on different Cleantech sectors across south India, and have finalized the course material and a training kit for the priority sectors including Solar, Water Treatment & Energy Management. In order to bridge the skill gap, and promote R&D in Cleantech, we intend to provide training program for students and Industry personnel across India. 

Cares training programs are specifically designed for better understanding of the Cleantech Industry as well associated design and installation challenges. Our training programs many a time are linked with  Cares certification in that specific sector, as we intend to define quality standard for design, installation and service in these sectors. 

As a part of its commitment to sustainability and its Cleantech Development Initiative Cares is involved in spreading awareness of different sectors in Cleantech . Cares has trained more than 6,000 professionals and students in Cleantechnology till date. 

​Cares Cleantech Development Initiative (CCDI) is jointly developed and managed by the R&D and Training division of Cares to expedite growth of Cleantech sector. Institutes can partner with Cares Cleantech Development Initiative, by establishing Centre of Excellence in Cleantechnology for Solar and/or Energy Management and/or Water Treatment.

Cares Solar PV Value Added Courses for CCDI Partner Institutes 

The value added course in Solar PV will be offered in colleges who have setup Solar PV Research Labs as a part of CCDI. Solar PV lab will set the foundation to run value added courses for students in Solar PV. The value added course will be structure into 3 parts and will be  more relevant for students from electrical and electronics related branches.

  • Part 1 – 8 Hours of Introduction to basics of Solar PV, its potential and Applications for 1st Year students. Charge will be INR 50,000 per session
  • Part 2 – 5 days of course covering basics of Solar PV technology. design, hands on training and installation demo of off-grid and grid-tied system for 3rd year students. Charge will be INR 400,000 for a batch of 100 to 120  students
  • Part 3 – 5 days of course covering advancements in Solar PV technology, research, and how to go about using the lab for research. Hands on training, and experiments in Solar PV research lab for interested students in 4th year. Charge will be INR 400,000 for a batch of 60 – 100 students (students should have completed Part 2 of the course to qualify for Part 3)​
We keep it interesting !!
Our sessions has a unique mix of presentations, data sheets, discussions, case studies, videos, demos, design problems and hands on installation which has helped achieve 95%+ positive feedback for our sessions.

​Check out feedback from our recent sessions here...

Partnership with National Institute of Solar Energy:
​Cares is selected as a partner by National Institute of Solar Energy as a part of Solar Energy Training Network. As a SETNET partner Cares shall contribute towards development of a standard curriculum and content for Solar Training in India. The National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE), an autonomous institute of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India, has established Solar Energy Training Network (SETNET) to meet the training needs of solar professionals. This initiative is in collaboration with the Indo-U.S. bilateral Partnership to Accelerate Clean Energy Deployment Technical Assistance (PACE-D TA).