Partnership with National Institute of Solar Energy:

​Cares is selected as a partner by National Institute of Solar Energy as a part of Solar Energy Training Network. As a SETNET partner Cares shall contribute towards development of a standard curriculum and content for Solar Training in India. The National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE), an autonomous institute of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India, has established Solar Energy Training Network (SETNET) to meet the training needs of solar professionals. This initiative is in collaboration with the Indo-U.S. bilateral Partnership to Accelerate Clean Energy Deployment Technical Assistance (PACE-D TA).

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Hands on Solar Training Programs are planned every alternate Month  in Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore

Cares solar pv Practitioner training ProgramS



IIT Madras Research Park,
32, Kanagam Rd, Kanagam Periyar Nagar, Taramani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


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BMS College of Engineering ,

Bull Temple Rd, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560019


Cares has designed 3 separate training programs for students, professionals, research scholar, engineers, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs interested in Solar PV sector . 

1 Day Solar Opportunities Workshop: is ideal for professionals who are interested in Solar PV Industry and is planning to implement Solar PV in their organisation or start a Solar PV firm. The workshop focus on 

  • Future potential of Solar Sector
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of Components
  • Key Requirements, Standards, Regulations in Govt. Policies
  • Case studies with demo of online monitoring

Fee of INR 2500 per participant inclusive of GST for 1 Day Program

2 Days Hands on Solar Training Program:  is ideal for professionals and students who would like to understand details of Solar PV System design and installation. Training covers:

  •  Solar Photovoltaic system components - KPIs, Data Sheets, Hands on Design
  • Product selection and maintenance in the long run 
  • Basic Design of the Solar PV System
  • Standards, Regulations and Procedures to install a Solar PV System

Fee of INR 4000 per participant inclusive of GST 

5 Days Advanced Solar Training Program: is ideal for students and professionals who would like to get a detailed understanding of Solar PV system design, installation and advances in technology. In addition to contents of 2 day hands on Solar Training, the training covers:

  • Advances in Solar PV Technology 
  • Advanced Design for Grid Tied and Off-Grid Systems
  • Advanced Monitoring and Analysis of Solar PV System 
  • Case Studies, Demos and Site Visit 

Fee of INR 9,500  per participant inclusive of GST