In addition to setting up the Lab, Cares will provide Value Added Services to Partner institutions to ensure that the lab is fully utilised by students for research and training purpose. Please find below a summary of the services we provide to institutions. As a part of Cleantech Development Initiative Cares intend to include more services in future for partner institutes which will enhance Industry Partnership, Internships & Placements, Paper Publishing, Patenting and Innovation to  further improve AICTE /UGC score and reputation of partner institutions.


The objective of VAS 1 is to

  • Introduce different equipment used in Lab
  • Familiarize research fellows with monitoring portal and how to use it to download and       analyze data
  • Introduce research fellows to a few possible research areas

Based on the maturity of the research scholars/students, it will take 1 to 5 sessions to understand and effectively use the lab. Each session of 8 hours will be charged at INR 50,000 per session.

VAS 3: Solar PV Value Added Courses for students

The Solar PV lab will set the foundation to run value added courses for students in Solar PV. The value added course will be structure into 3 parts and will be  more relevant for students from electrical and electronics related branches.

  • Part 1 – 8 Hours of Introduction to basics of Solar PV, its potential and Applications for 1st Year students. Charge will be INR 50,000 per session.
  • Part 2 – 5 days of course covering basics of Solar PV technology. design, hands on training and installation demo of off-grid and grid-tied system for 3rd year students. Charge will be INR 400,000 for a batch of 100 to 120  students
  • Part 3 – 5 days of course covering advancements in Solar PV technology, research, and how to go about using the lab for research. Hands on training, and experiments in Solar PV research lab for interested students in 4th year. Charge will be INR 400,000 for a batch of 60 – 100 students (students should have completed Part 2 of the course)

VAS 2:  Ongoing support for research and training for scholars/students

The objective of VAS  2 is to

  • Ensure that research scholars are on track in meeting the set objectives of lab
  • To provide necessary guidance in new research areas which can be explored using the lab
  • To provide refresher training to new scholars
  • To share ideas on using medium to long-term data for new analysis

4. VAS 4: Thought Leadership Sessions for Students

The objective of  thought leadership sessions is to introduce students to new and exciting areas in Cleantech, as well as to inspire students on research and innovation. Topics will be discussed and mutually agreed between college and Cares, and will be delivered by qualified personnel.

VAS 5: Train the Trainer Program for Faculty

The objective of train the trainer program is to train interested faculty and research students so that they are equipped to  be part of Cares Solar PV training programs as a trainer for students and professionals. This will enable hosting independent Solar PV training programs in college for interested professionals outside college and will reflect in a better AICTE ranking for institute.