DATE:  November 19th and 20th of 2018
Cares Renewables in association with PSG  College of Technology is organising a Two-day National workshop on ' Grid Tied Solar Power Plant - Design and Advances' on November 19th  and 20th  of 2018.  The Event is focused on Grid-Tied Power Plant Design, and Advances in Grid-Tied Inverter Technology which can help overcome some of the performance issues of conventional Grid-Tied Inverters . The design exercises,  familiarisation of data sheets of components  and demos will help participants gain confidence to design and commission a  Grid-Tied Solar Power Plant.

Who Should Attend?


  • Decision makers and influencers from Companies in Solar  Industry
  • Managers from Companies who have plans to expand to Solar PV Sector
  • Engineers and Maintenance Managers of organizations who have plans to go Solar
  • Entrepreneurs interested in starting a Company in the exciting field of Solar PV
  • Research scholars or students who want to learn Grid-Tied System Design and advances 
Workshop is focused on Grid-Tied System Design, and Advances.  The Speakers in the conference will have representatives from senior management of companies who are leaders in their respective fields. 
Delegate Fee  for Workshop:

UG / PG Students : 1,500 + GST

Research Scholars / Faculty : 2,000 + GST

Industry Participants :  3,000 + GST

Topics Covered

VENUE: PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore
  • Key Performance Indicators of Solar Modules  
  • Grid-Tied Inverters - Key Performance Indictors and Advances 
  • Familiarisation of data sheet of Solar Panels and Inverters
  • Design of Grid-Tied Solar Power Plant
  • Importance of Surge Protection and Cables in Solar PV
  • Demo of Different Types of Solar Modules, Grid-Tied Inverters, Structure , Cable and BoS  
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