Cares Cleantech Development Initiative 

Cares Cleantech Development Initiative (CCDI) is jointly developed and managed by the R&D and Training division of Cares to expedite the growth of the Cleantech sector. Institutes can partner with Cares Cleantech Development Initiative, by establishing Centre of Excellence in Clean technology for Solar and/or Energy Management and/or Water Treatment. The key activities under the initiative are:


Cares have designed certification and training programs to nurture the required competence in students to bridge the skill gap and drive the growth of the Cleantech Industry. A team of experts designs the programs after analyzing the skill set required for each Cleantech sector and students understanding of that sector.


Cares team incubates bright minds with bright ideas as a part of its team through different avenues like live projects, internships and job offers. We provide the necessary support to students to develop a commercially viable product from a project idea. We also groom entrepreneurs with business ideas as a part of the initiative.


Cares team collaborates with select Institutes and its partner companies globally to drive innovation in the Cleantech sector. Establishing labs in Cares Cleantech Center of Excellence in select institutes with prototypes of equipment in different Cleantech sectors is important to inspire innovation in respective sectors.

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