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Enphase Microinverters   

In this page, we have organised all the material you require to kick start installation using Enphase Micro-inverters. 

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IQ 7+ vs IQ 7A 

Enphase microinverters have two models available in Indian market. Based on the Wp rating of the Solar Modules which you are planning to use, you can choose IQ7+ or IQ7A. We have both models in stock as per your requirement.

In Indian conditions, we would recommend using IQ7+ for panel rating up to 400 Wp and IQ 7A for panel rating up to 500 Wp.

You may use Enphase module compatibility calculator to confirm which inverter suits your solar module. 

Enphase Datasheets, Installation Manual, and Test Certificates 

In this section, we have organized all the Enphase collateral you require in a single page: 

Enphase Data Sheets

Click on the inverter model to download its data sheet:

The Envoy as well as accessories required are same for IQ7+ and IQ7A Inverter. 

Enphase Test Certificates

Click on the Inverter model to download BIS and other test certificates as a zipped file. 

Enphase Installation Manual & Supporting Videos

Enphase has three general installation guides and 1 for CT Installation

1. Enphase Quick Installation Guide with Wiring Diagram  (Customized for India)

2. Enphase Quick Installation Guide  (Global Version)  

3. Enphase Commercial PV Design Guide - specially for large commercial projects

4. Enphase Envoy Installation Guide 

5. Enphase CT Installation Guide 

If you are installing Enphase micro-inverters for the first time, please sign-up as an Installer in Enphase Enlighten Manager. 

Please download the Enphase Enlighten Manager APP and Enphase Installer Tool Kit App before you proceed to site for Installation. 

Enlighten manager.png
Enphase Installation Videos

1. This video details installation of Enphase Microinverters, Q Cable and End connector on the roof

2. After you make all connections including Envoy (as per the Envoy Installation guide), you may turn on the system for commissioning. You may create a site in Enphase Installer Kit in advance before commissioning to save time. 

Please go to the Installer Tool Kit support videos to understand how you can use the tool kit for commissioning of the site. 

Please follow screen shots attached after you sign-in to the Enphase Installer Tool-kit using your Enlighten ID to reach the support videos section. The support videos will guide in the commissioning process of the site: 

Enphase Support

If you require service support for your Enphase Installation you may use the below link to go to Enphase service landing page. 

If you are facing a specific issue and wants to raise a ticket, you may go to Enphase Service Manager and raise a ticket. 

You may download Enphase India warranty document here. Enphase provides warranty extension to installers in India, and the cost of warranty extension is as follows: 

  • For 5 years it's 390/inverter

  • For 10 years it's 910/inverter

  • For 15 years its 1644/inverter

The warranty extension can be complited online from and the warranty extension should be done within six months from the date of commissioning of the system.  

The Enphase Advantage

If you require some ideas around how to position Enphase to your customers, we have some content for you. 


1.  In this video, we summarise the advantages of Enphase in less than 5 minutes:

2. You may read our comprehensive blog on advantages of Enphase here

3. You may download the Enphase Homeowner Brochure and share with your customers

Cares Renewables is an authorized Distributor of Enphase Microinverters. You may contact us for any queries related to Enphase.


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