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Mavericks is Cares Flagship Program to foster Industry-Institute interaction and Innovation in its Center of Excellence. Every year Cares through its innovative process select interns from Institutes to work on select projects. We also promote awareness and paper publishing in the Cleantech Sector through multiple reward programs. Cares also offer a Solar PV Basics certification course in Solar to students and professionals interested in Solar PV.  The mavericks program is only open students in Cares Partner Institutions. 

Students should fill the form below to register for the Mavericks Internship Program:  

Mavericks Registration Form 

Thanks for submitting!

How to be a Maverick?

Once you complete the Registration, you will undergo the following process to be a Maverick. We promise you that at the end of the internship, your efforts will be well rewarded !!


Qualifier Test

Those who pass the online qualifier test will get free access to 3 Week Solar PV Basics Certification Program


3 Weeks Course

Solar PV Basics online course to be completed by shortlisted candidates in 3 to 6 weeks time



Those who finish the course can attempt the online certification exam, and pass the test to get the Solar PV Basics Certification.



Interview process for candidates who pass the certification for Mavericks Selection.


Paid Internship

Mavericks to get 360 degree exposure on all aspects from design to implementation

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