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Tasks Among Us

Turning down the lights, destroying the Reactor, and locking doors are just a few tactics to slow down the Crewmates and plan a death. After carrying out a sabotage event, there is a cooldown period, so plan ahead and consider how you might target players and then flee fast. Killing near vents allows you to escape, but consider keeping a Crewmate in the room with you to prevent them from leaving or someone else from coming and watching the attack.

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But be careful not to 'complete' your assignment too soon! While most jobs take only a few seconds to perform, there are a few that are rather lengthy. If you pretend to do a long work in two seconds, an experienced Crewmate will be skeptical. It is thus beneficial to understand which chores are long and which are short. Finally, you should avoid conspicuous jobs since they are impossible to falsify.

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Among Us hints

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Trick 4: Typical duties

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Crewmate Suggestions from Among Us


On Polus in Among Us, a closed door within the Weapon Room.

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The map does not designate every room. Despite the fact that there is a job that must be accomplished in the Ventilator chamber (placed in the aforementioned space between Showers and Cargo Bay), it is not highlighted on the map. There's also the Hall of Portraits, which connects the Kitchen and Security but has no chores.

An Imposter toys with the Crewmates in Among Us

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If Impostors want to make it easier to make kills undetected, they may want to use sabotage. While cutting the lights are a popular choice, given it limits crewmates' vision and can make it easy for the Impostor to avoid suspicion, it is a fairly obvious move and won't necessarily change crewmates' courses or force them into different locations for easy kills. Impostors should not ignore the lights, but they should also consider other sabotages that force crewmates to leave their tasks and go fix the problem. This can give the Impostor access to secluded crewmates while others leave their posts and can make it easier to avoid detection.

MedBay Is A Crucial Task To Have

You must not only gather all of the towels in the Showers, but also dump them into the beige towel card at the top of the room, near the entrance to the Records. This is not immediately obvious because the game does not include the yellow arrow that is often used to indicate the next step in a two-part assignment.

5th trick: Crowd annihilation


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As a crewmate, tasks are critical to win. The entire crew must either finish all of the chores before the Impostor murders everyone or vote all of the Impostors out.

Impostor Suggestions and Techniques

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The imposters will be unable to assassinate you if you are travelling with your crewmates. Your number one priority is to avoid being murdered. If there is more than one impostor, you must maneuver in groups of five to avoid being murdered. But keep in mind that imposters may multi-kill if they start working together. You should be on the lookout for occurrences that involve the purposeful killing of crew members in order to break up the gang.

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In Among Us, a player is chosen as the Imposter.

Crewmates are frequently unaware of this. If they are more experienced, they will strive to organize an emergency meeting as quickly as possible to prevent the Impostor from carrying out their ultimate murder. The easiest method to solve this situation is to start sabotaging right away. Crewmates are unable to call an emergency meeting during a sabotage and are obliged to head over to a certain location. All you have to do is sit back and wait for them to meet their end.

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We've included various methods for you to win the game as an impostor or a detective crewmate; all you need to do is figure out who is killing and acting suspiciously.

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