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To put it another way, it is preferable not to murder anywhere near that region since it may be captured on video. Keep this in mind for crewmates while utilizing cameras so that you can check it regularly. And, of course, try not to appear suspicious when you're in that area.

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Among Us, we direct tasks.

Check the rooms you pass through for dead bodies as you race towards your mission. If everyone in the Crew is entirely engaged on their job, it may take some time before a body is discovered. You not only give the Imposter plenty of time to murder again, but all proof will be gone.


Among Us provides check-in services.

Instead, kill in Dropship.

Playing in practice mode allows you to learn chores for each map. Take the time to do this if you want to outperform your more experienced pals.

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Too many Crewmates vote for the first color mentioned. If there is substantial proof against that individual, vote him out. However, if it is based on supposition, avoid taking the risk. This is especially true early in the game, when evidence is frequently limited and there is still plenty of time to catch the Imposter. Pay attentive to anyone who appears to be casting early suspicions; they may be sowing the seeds of distrust.

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The best method is for the impostor to fabricate a tale about why they were discovered near the body. Good alibis may be that they were on their way to examine the murder site or that they were on their way to do a certain duty. For this to function, impostors will need to think quickly and be able to lie convincingly under pressure. The Impostor must also be careful not to put it on too thick, because the more vehemently someone defends themselves, the more guilty they look.

If players pretend to execute the various jobs assigned to them, they may easily escape with murder accusations and deceive their crewmates. It raises the likelihood of acquiring the trust of the crew members. As a result, during a conversation or an emergency meeting, players cover up for imposters. Imposters can exploit these crewmates to show their innocence.

2. Kill all immune players right away.

This is quite crucial. If one more murder reduces the number of Crewmates to the same as the number of Impostors, you have won the game! Simply assassinate another Crewmate as quickly as possible.

Everyone is attempting to figure out who the Impostor is, thus everyone will be wandering around a little. Don't be afraid to be a little out of the ordinary, especially if you're playing with real-life pals and having a few games.

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After a body is discovered, there is typically little time to debate the Impostor, therefore try to shift the suspicion elsewhere. Don't be too blatant (for example, don't state you saw them murder when they clearly didn't), but attempt to disturb the equilibrium.

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Staying together is the greatest way to thwart an imposter. The Imposters cannot kill you if you are joined by other Crewmates... unless you are unfortunate enough to be hanging out with two imposters. The number of Imposters determines the size of the groupings. If there are two imposters, a group of five is required to be safe. Keep in mind that imposters may multi-kill if they cooperate together. Be on the lookout for sabotage actions aiming at breaking apart the groupings.

Due to the inability to fake some visual activities, when a Crewmate completes these visual chores in front of others, they are completely evident. If you are the Impostor, you have a choice: if they accuse you, you will lose the game. To put it another way, you must eliminate immune players as quickly as feasible.

Among Us Mod Menu Laptop Download

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While some sabotage may compel crewmates to halt what they're doing, others just make navigating a map or locating an escape more difficult. Trapping crewmates by closing doors can be advantageous in Polus since players must physically unlock the doors.

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Take note of the Kill Counter.

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Among Us, there is sabotage.

MedBay may be the most important duty to have on Polus while trying to earn confidence and narrow down the amount of probable imposters. Crewmates assigned to the task can utilize the scanner to discover someone else who claims to have it, while the other checks to see if the MedBay is in use.

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Do not let go of the dial in between numbers when performing the Unlock Safe job in the Cargo Bay! Each number in the combination will display consecutively and automatically; if you remove your finger from the dial between numbers, you will have to restart.

Outside O2 on Polus in Among Us, there's a camera.

Pretend to be perplexed

Sabotage Is Best Done With Reactors

Polus Specimen Room Among Us

When you see a player at a task place, don't automatically assume they're safe and nice. The task bar should fill up if they are genuinely finishing the work. They also require time to perform a task, especially if it is lengthy. Have you ever seen someone'start' the Reactor in less than a second? Imposter!

Investigate An Accusation

Trick 3: Keep fresh kills and vents in mind.

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More here: How to Always Win at Ludo King.

3. Act as though you're a Crewmate.

Crewmates utilize the security cameras to keep tabs on one another. While it's important to avoid murdering in front of cameras at all costs, there are situations when you simply have a few seconds to grasp your moment. Fortunately, when a security camera is activated, it will display a red, flashing light. Even if you're totally out of sight of a security camera, if you've observed someone observing the area, it's worth taking extra precautions to ensure you go through the processes of entering and exiting a room regularly.

It's one thing to stay safe and on task as a Crewmate, but you're looking for the greatest Among Us plan for working secretly as the Imposter. I've put up this Among Us guide to assist you get started, whether you're an honest Crewmate or a shady Imposter.

Staying in simply one or two rooms with few responsibilities

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Among Us, There Are Vents

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Lock players in, trigger errors... anything to keep them from finishing their job. Locking players in together might also raise suspicions. Make a plan for it. To be safe, you may even lock yourself up with someone you don't want to kill.

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