Research & Development 

We have established Solar PV Centers of Excellence & Labs for research in multiple institutes. Our Solar Lab features the latest advancements in solar technology and shall leverage the Internet of Things and cloud technologies for the collection of data for research purpose. The system is designed in such a way that researchers can focus on design and engineering, as the measurement is automated and it is easy to download and analyze data. In addition to encouraging paper publishing and innovation in solar, we use these labs for testing, benchmarking and advancing our SaveGen series advanced Solar PV Solutions.



Key Objectives of Lab

  • Development of products, design methods, installation practices and maintenance practices to improve kWh output and reliability of Solar Power Plants

  • Cloud monitoring and detection of maintenance issues in solar power plants from analytics of data collected from sites across india

  • Publication of performance data and benchmarking of different Cleantech Technologies

  • Provide professional training to Industry and Academia in Cleantech Sector

  • Facilitate Industry Academia Interaction in Cleantech Sector

List of Center of Excellence for Research  in Cleantech Sector


Established in  Collaboration with Prosun in PSG College of Technology in the year 2013. This was our First COE for Reliability Study of Solar Modules and Inverters 


Established in BMS College of Engineering,  Bangalore in the year 2017, the COE focuses on innovation in Grid Tied Inverter Applications and benchmarking of Solar PV Technologies 

PSG COE 2.0 

Established in PSG College of Technology in the year 2019, the COEs key focus  area is remote monitoring and data analytics of data collected from Solar PV Plants across India. 


Established in MIT ADT  Pune  in the year 2019, the COEs key focus  area is analytics for Solar  O&M  and benchmarking of Solar PV Component Technologies.

PSG Solar COE 1

Lab with 8+ Module Technologies, 4+ Inverter Technologies and advanced monitoring in PSG College of  Technology​. Significant optimization in cost of research.