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Solar Consulting

Cares offer a range of consultancy services to different stakeholders in the Cleantech sector. We bring to the table a deep understanding of the market conditions, an ability to turn project ideas into a viable business case, and expert technical know-how of our veteran partner


Policy: Understanding the incentives applicable to a project under different state and central policies, and the risk associated with the realization of these incentives is critical before investing in any Cleantech project.


Business Model: Identification of the right mode of financing and the right revenue model is pivotal to the successful execution of the project. Any project can be executed under different revenue models for which the incentives as well as the risk will be different. We will help you understand different business models applicable to your project and shall help you take a judicious call to maximize your returns.


Financing: Financing is closely tied to the business model a project follows which includes the vendors for a project. We provide consulting services, which will help you choose the right financing model that will maximize your returns at a reduced risk.


Technology Evaluation: There is a wide spectrum of technologies to choose from in each segment of Cleantech including solar, green buildings, and geothermal cooling. Cleantech being a new Industry, the knowledge is still concentrated among a few. Cares will give you exposure to the latest technology available in the market and hence help you take a more judicious call on the technology you want to invest in.


Feasibility Study: Feasibility Study and preparation of business case is pivotal to the successful commissioning of any project in the Cleantech Sector.


Design and Technical Consultancy: Our veteran partners on the technical side could help you in designing the most challenging projects with the latest technology available in the market


RFP Advisory: Framing an RFP could be challenging without a clear understanding of the key performance indicators in the specific sector. Cares will ensure that your RFP is defined so as to meet the needs of the requirement and will match your budget.

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