We have trained more than 7,000 professionals in the Solar PV sector through our training programs. The programs are designed by experts and have the right mix of presentation, videos, remote demos, design exercises, notes and Q&A sessions, the quality of which is reflected in 95% positive feedback for our programs. We have partnered with different national bodies such as National Productivity Council, Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and National Institute of Solar Energy for training. We ar a certified Solar Energy Training Network Partner under NISE, MNRE  

Solar PV Practitioner Training 

How to design a Solar Power Plant from scratch? 


How will I select components for a Solar Power Plant?


Which type of Solar PV system is suited for my customer?


Why are some solar panels and inverters more expensive than others?


How will I compare different Solar Power Plants and Technologies?


How to design and install a Solar Power Plant, which will last 25 years?

Our comprehensive Solar PV Practitioner training program will help you answer these questions.  We keep the training programs engaging through a mix of presentations, videos, case studies, design exercises, data sheets and demo of tools, solar components, remote monitoring &  solar power plant. The design exercises in this course will help you design a solar power plant from scratch and, select components such as solar modules and inverters based on key performance Indicators from the datasheet. Upon completion of this course you will be able to apply your knowledge to design, and commission Solar Power Plants.

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