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GO Solar. Go SaveGen

SaveGen Series grid connected Solar Power Plant is an attractive, safe and environmental friendly investment option to power your businesses and homes. Through SaveGen Series, we integrate the best solar modules, inverters and balance of system components in the world to supply reliable Solar Power for lifetime

Why SaveGen?




  • Upto 30% more Solar power Generation​​

  • Save more every year

Warranty and Standards

  • 10 to 20 years product warranty

  • 25 to 30 years performance warranty

  • Reliable and safe operation

Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Payback in less than 5 years

  • Higher than 18% rate of return

Performance Monitoring

  • Web/Mobile application based performance monitoring

  • Check power generation and issues that arise through portal

Feautures of SaveGen

  • Module level power electronics in Inverter

  • Advanced module technology such as PERC etc. 

  • Module level performance monitoring

  • Quality checks beyond industry standards

  • Integration of best solar modules, inverters and balance of system components to provide reliable solar power generation for lifetime

Case Studies


Cleantech Development Initiative
 Setup Solar PV Labs for Advancing Research & Training

System Overview:

Lab with 8+ Module Technologies, 4+ Inverter Technologies and advanced monitoring in PSG College of  Technology

Key Highlights:

  • Advanced monitoring system to cover 200+ use cases/experiments

  • Cost and effort for research optimized to ~70%

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