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Cares Solar Analytics Center


Centralized Data Collection from all Sites


Intelligent Data Analytics driven by AI Platform


Automated Insights for action


Workflow Management Tool for resolution

We at Cares Renewables have always given the utmost importance to quality of installations, so that customers can maximize energy harvest from Solar Power Plant Installations. With Cares Solar Analytics Center, we are taking one step further to ensure that customers can sustain solar power plants performance.


In the Solar Analytics Center, we collect data from all our Solar Plants every day and  analyse the data using an AI enabled Platform to gain insights. These insights include alerts for maintenance of Solar Power Plant such as 'solar module cleaning required' or 'inverter communication loss'. Our service support team will act on these insights after coordinating with field support team and end customer to ensure that the Solar Plant's potential is fully utilised. 

1. Centralized Data Collection 

The data is collected from our power plants across India, and consolidated in a single data base. The Solar Generation data is then combined with multiple other data sources such as weather data for further analysis. The data base is updated continuously, and long-term data is securely stored in our server. 

The data collection process is inverter agnostic, and using our data translators we can collect data from most of the inverter manufacturers. The solar performance data, when combined with other data sources becomes a powerful input to the AI Platform. 

2. AI Platform 

The data collected is cleaned and pre-processed by the AI platform, before applying algorithms relevant to the Solar Data. ​The AI algorithms are designed to improve over a period of time based on the data collected and feedback received from the field team or end-customer. The AI platform is expected to improve its performance as the platform ages and we scale platform operations to a larger number of solar plants. 

3. Automated Insights 

The platform is designed to automatically generate insights such as production issue, communication loss etc. for a Solar Power Plant based on data analysis. The insights also consist of a  historical summary of the sites performance so that a field personnel or service support team can proactively resolve the issue. 

4. Workflow Management Tool 

We have designed a powerful ​workflow management tool which simplifies the backend analytics done by the AI platform to simple insights in a workflow for our service support team. Our service support team will use the analytics tool to understand the insights generated by the Platform, and take actions on the same after co-ordinating with the field team or end customer. 

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