SaveGen Solar Kit

SaveGen Kit is a starter  solar kit for anyone who wants to switch to solar power. The solar kit has all the features and the reliability of SaveGen Advanced Solar Plant. SaveGen Kit comes with an affordable price tag to get you started with solar. With SaveGen Kit you can install a Solar Power Plant of capacity as low as 400 Wp, and monitor your buildings energy consumption and solar production through a mobile app.  You can later expand the capacity of your Solar Plant in increments of 400 Wp's based on your energy consumption. 

Why SaveGen Kit?


Product Warranty

  • 15 years Product Warranty for Solar Modules, Inverter and Structure

  • 25 years performance warranty for Solar Module

  • 5 Years warranty for monitoring unit

Performance Monitoring

  • Web/Mobile application based performance monitoring

  • Visibility of Production at a solar module level

  • Energy Consumption Monitoring 



  • Upto 25% more Solar power Generation​​

  • Save more every year


  • Micro-inverter system  has no high voltage DC by design 

  • System is safe from high voltage DC arcs, a cause of fire in conventional solar plants

Key Components of SaveGen Kit

In SaveGen Kit, we provide the best quality components from global brands to ensure safety and reliability of the integrated  Solar Power Plant. 

Axitec Solar Modules

Axitec Solar Modules engineered in Germany have a product warranty of 15 years and performance warranty of 25 years at a low degradation of 0.5%. Modules have efficiency > 19.5% and has good thermal performance 


Enphase Microinverters

Enphase microinverters designed in California is arguably the safest and the most reliable inverter in the world. We provide a product warranty of 15 years for Enphase Microinverters. The Kit will include Enphase IQ series micro-inverter, q-cable and accessories. 

Envoy Monitoring Unit

Envoy monitoring unit from Enphase enables advanced monitoring of Solar Production for each Solar Module. Envoy id integrated with CTs to enable consumption monitoring of site. If required, the customer can also enable zero export mode for the Solar Power Plant. 

Energy Consumption & Solar Production Monitoring Dashboard
Consumption Monitoring.png
Module Level Solar Production Monitoring
Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 2.40.48 PM.png

Aluminium Structure

We provide Al 6063 T6 anodized aluminium structure and SS 304 accessories along with the Kit for installation of Solar Modules. 

AC Combiner Box

 We provide IP 65 AC Combiner Box with Citel Type 2 surge protection device and ABB MCB to protect microinverters from secondary surges in the grid. 

Please note that the kit doesn't include AC cabling and Earthing. If the customer opts for net-metering, he may have to procure additional components such as Isolator, Generation Meter and Net-meter, as per the net-metering policy in the region. 


400 Wp SaveGen Solar Kit 

INR 50,000 + 5% GST 

Add on SaveGen Solar Kit of 400 Wp

INR 25,000 + 5% GST 

800 Wp SaveGen Solar Kit

INR 75,000 + 5% GST

1200 Wp SaveGen Solar Kit

INR 100,000 + 5% GST

1600 Wp SaveGen Solar Kit

INR 125,000 + 5% GST

2000 Wp SaveGen Solar Kit

INR 150,000 + 5% GST

Now Avail No Cost EMI on SaveGen Kit purchase. Go Solar with EMI starting @ less than INR 5000 per month.

Dollar Bills


We have launched a no cost EMI scheme for SaveGen Solar Kit after partnering with Finzy for our residential customers in select cities. Financing will be provided to eligible customers for a tenure of 12 months. 

Finzy financing is hassle free and the whole process of financing the Solar Plant can be completed in less than 5 days. 

Check your Eligibility for Finzy's easy finance scheme instantly by sharing  some basic information.


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